Humans Have Created Over 9 Billion Tons of Plastic with No End in Sight

drowing in plastic

A new study reveals that humans have produced trillions of pounds of plastic since the early 1950s.

Half the amount of plastic made since 1950 was manufactured in the last 13 years; the growth rate of the industry continues to increase each year, despite the enormous pollution and toxic problems associated with plastic. Another 26.5 trillion pounds are expected to be produced by 2050.

How to cut back on Plastic usage:

Use reusable shopping bags for groceries
Don’t buy any foods that are packaged in plastic
Bring your own mug for coffee
Use a reusable drinking water container
Store foods in glass containers or mason jars rather than plastic containers and plastic bags
Take your own leftovers container to restaurants
Request no plastic wrap on your dry cleaning
Avoid using plastic straws
Don’t buy plastic kitchen utensils
Just boycott plastic in general by choosing natural materials such as glass, wood, paper, etc.

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