Cruelty Free Investing Launches, Giving Transparency to Humane Investing

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Cruelty Free Investing (CFI), the first non-profit organization to evaluate each publicly traded U.S. stock for participation in animal exploitation, announced their launch today. Every stock appears on one of two lists on the new CFI website (, a list of companies that do exploit animals, and a list of companies that do not. Also identified on the website are the top ten companies engaged in the worst forms of animal cruelty.

CFI informs and broadens the growing sector of socially responsible investing, and in addition exposes the gap in the environmental, social and government criteria (ESG) that is used to identify socially responsible companies. The ESG criteria currently do not include animal cruelty, exploitation or abuse.

The information is an invaluable resource for investors who want to align their investments with their core values. It will also assist financial advisors who have clients who want to divest from stocks that exploit animals.

“As we looked at the growing sector of socially responsible investing, we were surprised to discover that there is no criteria that evaluates animal exploitation, an issue that is essential to a growing number of investors,” said founder and executive director Dave Brett Wasser. “Most companies don’t participate in animal cruelty, so it is easy to build a stock portfolio of companies from that list. We are thrilled to bring a service to the marketplace that is thorough, useful, and of the utmost importance to the new generation of investors.”

The companies on the CFI website “Exploit” list use animals in a variety of ways, that include:

  • Manufacturing or sale of clothing that involves killing or harming animals (e.g. leather or fur)
  • Manufacturing or sale of products that use animals for experiments
  • Breeding of animals for food production and/or animal testing
  • Manufacturing or serving of food or beverage items containing animal products

Cruelty Free Investing is a non-profit 501c(3), which provides resources for both individual and institutional investors along with financial advisors. The information can lead to the divesting of companies that are currently in investor portfolios that exploit animals, or investing in new companies that do not exploit animals. CFI was started in 2017 and led by Dave Brett Wasser and Alicia Robb. For more information, please visit

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