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Feelgoodz Footwear Brand Commits to All Vegan Lineup in 2018

feelgoodz sandals

feelgoodz sandals

Feelgoodz, the brand well known for providing quality lifestyle footwear using ethical and sustainable practices, has announced they will no longer use natural leather in their products. After testing in select models for several years, the brand will shift all leather styles to vegan leather in 2018.

From their experience crafting genuine leather sandals, the company became frustrated with the lack of transparency in the sourcing and tanning processes used by the leather industry. It was difficult for the company to track the full lifecycle of the material and feel confident that it was being done in an ethical and environmentally conscious way. After years of trying to gain the insight needed to determine if the products were truly in line with the Feelgoodz mission, the company decided there must be a better way.

feelgoodz sandals

Feelgoodz vegan leather products are made using a recycled Polyurethane material that provides a conscious alternative to genuine leather while maintaining the comfort and quality Feelgoodz is known for. The material is made in Vietnam, where Feelgoodz also sources all of their natural rubber, further reducing the environmental impact of their supply chain.

The full line of Feelgoodz vegan sandals are podiatrist-designed and hand-crafted by skilled artisans. In addition to the vegan leather, Feelgoodz uses the highest quality all natural rubber in the world, sourced directly from Thailand and Vietnam using direct-trade principles. The result is premium footwear, including sandals and slippers, that far exceeds industry standards.

Feelgoodz vegan footwear is available online and in Whole Foods stores nationwide. Visit http://www.feelgoodz.com/ for more information and full product details.