The 10 Greenest Cities to Visit in 2018

Huntley Santa Monica Beach

View from Huntley Santa Monica Beach Hotel

2018 has begun and many of us are starting to plan our vacations later this year. As a traveler, there’s a lot to consider before deciding on a single destination for your next trip. One aspect that’s becoming increasingly important is the eco-friendliness of a destination.

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint and the “green” quotient of your travels, it’s comforting to know that many cities around the world are making great strides toward preserving the environment and tackling climate change.

Below is a list of the top 10 greenest cities you should consider for your next vacation.

The list features in the ‘Carbon-Free City Handbook’, the Rocky Mountain Institute’s latest publication that launched at the recent UN Climate Summit in Bonn, Germany.

  • Santa Monica, California for approving the first ordinance (2017) requiring all new single-family homes be built to achieve net zero energy
  • Frankfurt, Germany for having the most “passive” houses, or properties using very little energy, and earning the title ‘Passive House Capital”
  • Vancouver, Canada for introducing Canada’s energy code/bylaw for existing large buildings that triggers energy upgrades when improvements are made to the building
  • New York, United States for requiring large building owners to annually record energy and water use of their buildings since 2010 for public disclosure
  • Paris, France for announcing it will phase out all diesel cars by 2024. Paris already banned diesel autos produced between 1997-2000. On October 1st 2017 Paris held “a day without cars’. Nitrogen dioxide levels dropped by 25 per cent and noise levels by 20 per cent
  • Dublin, Ireland for banning freight vehicles with five or more axles from the city center between 7am and 7pm
  • Oslo, Norway for being known as the Electric Vehicle Capital of the World. Oslo boasts 3,000 EV charging stations for a population of 630,000 people. Electric vehicles count for 40 per cent of all new vehicles sold in Oslo.
  • San Diego, California for upgrading its streetlights to 14,000 smart, network connected LEDs, which are expected to save the city $2.4 million annually in energy costs
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands for aiming to completely phase out natural gas heated homes by 2050. Currently, natural gas heats 90 per cent of homes, contributing 30 per cent of the city’s carbon emissions
  • Copenhagen, Denmark for targeting carbon neutral district heating and renewable energy supplying 100 per cent of the city’s electricity consumption by 2025. The city plans to install 100 new wind turbines to do this.

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