Healing America Tour Gaining Audiences Across the Country

healing america tour

The Healing America tour and movement kicked off with a successful debut in Tampa Bay on January 20th, followed by large crowds and engaged audiences in Long Island and Atlanta. Nelson and Dr. T. Colin Campbell have brought their message of how Americans can take back their health through a plant-based diet and lifestyle and what that can also mean for the environment, our economy and government, and for the other creatures sharing this planet with us. From here the tour moves on to Houston, San Diego and St. Louis, with more stops being discussed as public demand for the movement to come to their town has been overwhelming.

Healing America is now three stops into their historic tour but needs critical help through their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The proceeds from this are essential to their ability to carry out a project in Durham, NC that they believe has the potential of sparking a national movement that goes beyond health to include larger ideas that help to make the movement more political and transformative. But they cannot take this critical first step without additional resources, which is where you can help.

The response at the events have been beyond what they could have hoped for. At each stop the one-hour presentation by the Campbells has been followed by a lively and thought-provoking audience Q&A that has resulted in stimulating conversation about one of the most important issues of our time.

The tour is being filmed so Healing America can share the message with as many people as possible.  Importantly, they will also continue filming after the tour, as they implement an exciting community-based model in the city of Durham NC to get the message of plant-based nutrition to everyone in that city.  Producing and releasing a continual stream of short videos will create the exposure they require to rapidly scale this model across the nation.  They also intend to produce a sequel to PlantPure Nation entitled Healing America.

To support the film production critical to this strategy, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

View Healing America’s website http://healingamericatogether.com/.

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