‘Dairy Is Scary’ Song to Help Animal Charities

dairy is scary

Norfolk, UK musical duo ‘Matty G & Li’l Winter’ are taking on the dairy industry with a brand-new release entitled ‘Dairy Is Scary’ with 60% of proceeds to be donated to animal based charities ‘The Humane League’ ‘Hillside Animal Sanctuary’ and ‘Veganuary.’

The song which features additional musician Adam Barney aka ‘Barney’ as well as the voice of well-known vegan activist  Ed Winters aka ‘Earthling Ed’ along with several other animal rights advocates aims to use the medium of song to highlight the plight of the dairy cow and the cruelty involved in producing dairy products features lines such as “it’s not immaculate conception, its artificial insemination, and if you’re ok with that you should google ‘rape rack’”

The duo Matty G & Li’l winter are no strangers to writing current and somewhat controversial material with previous releases covering topics such as Donald Trump, Brexit and most recently their 2017 Christmas single and accompanying video ‘Tories Out for Christmas’

“I wanted to write a song about the dairy industry to play my part in counteracting the pro dairy message that has been pushed out by the industry throughout February dubbed #Februdairy on social media. I’ve been vegan for just over a year; and it frustrates me that so many people have so little knowledge of how these products are produced and the cruelty involved. I hope that this song may make people think a little about cutting out dairy or at least making an informed choice”

The song ‘Dairy Is Scary’ will be available to download/stream from all major online music retailers including iTunes, Amazon Music and Spotify from 23/02/18. Listen to song


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