Celebrate National Smoothie Day, June 21

Strawberry Avocado Smoothie Image

Up to 184 million Americans enjoy smoothies each year. To celebrate National Smoothie Day, here’s an easy recipe for a fresh, plant-based treat that’s delicious, on trend and better for you! And, this smoothie has a secret ingredient… here’s a hint: Give peas a chance!

Milk alternatives and plant-based choices have grown in popularity recently for health reasons and lifestyle choices. The new non-dairy Plant Protein Milk from Bolthouse Farms, made with pea protein, is a smart choice for a non-dairy and vegan alternative milk option as the base for summer smoothies, shakes and more. It’s a delicious alternative to both traditional dairy milk and lower protein alternative milks.

On National Smoothie Day, or any day, try this delicious Strawberry Avocado Smoothie at home.


1 cup Bolthouse Farms® Original Plant Protein Milk
1 avocado
1 frozen banana
¼ tsp. vanilla extract
1 cup frozen strawberries
2 tsp. lemon juice
Sweetener if desired


– Blend together avocado, ½ frozen banana, 1/3 cup Plant Protein Milk, 1 teaspoon of honey, lemon juice, and ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract in blender
– Pour mixture into glass
– Clean out blender
– Blend together 1 cup frozen strawberries, ½ frozen banana, and ½ cup Plant Protein Milk
– Pour strawberry layer atop the avocado layer
– Enjoy!

Source https://www.bolthouse.com/recipes/strawberry-avocado-smoothie/

Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk has 10g of protein per serving versus only 1 gram of protein in almond milk, 50% more calcium than traditional dairy milk, and has the same creamy and delicious flavor people crave from milk. It’s vegan and non-GMO, and does not contain gluten and lactose and common allergens like dairy, nuts and soy. Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk is available in 4 flavors: Unsweetened, Original, Vanilla and Chocolate – find it in the refrigerated dairy section of your local supermarket.

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