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That’s it. Truffles – A Decadent Vegan Snack

vegan truffles

vegan truffles

That’s it. Truffles take delicious, healthy vegan snacks one step further with Fair Trade dark chocolate. They are the perfect alternative to chocolate treats that contain artificial flavors or high amounts of sugar.

That’s It has combined the taste of smooth, organic dark chocolate with sweet and tart fruits to create a deceivingly decadent snack. The truffles are available in flavors like Apple + Banana or Apple + Pineapple. If you’re a coconut fan, then you’ll love the Apple + Coconut Bites. That’s It Truffles are made with dark chocolate that contains only unsweetened chocolate, organic sugar, and cocoa butter.

They range between 150-160 calories per package and contain three grams of fiber. Like their Fruit and Veggie Bars, these healthy dark chocolate snacks are made with all natural, non-GMO fruits. Plus, you get antioxidants from the dark chocolate.

Who are That’s it. Truffles for? Anyone who wants to satisfy their chocolate craving without the guilt of a sugary dessert. They are great for those wanting a sweet, healthy office snack. These dark chocolate bites also make perfect gifts for holidays and birthdays! With nine flavors to choose from, there is something for everyone.