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Interview with Robert Loane, Vegan Muay Thai Kickboxer

Robert Loane
Robert Loane
Photo credit: Maeva Besson / Zenith Images

Robert Loane used to weigh 250lbs. Now he is a vegan Muay Thai Kickboxer who competes at National Muay Thai tournaments. Robert’s fitness journey started two and a half years ago and over the course of training, he has lost around 80lbs. on a plant-based/vegan diet. Here we interview him as he prepares for the 2019 United States Muay Thai Open. Robert currently trains at Sparta Performance Training Center in Denver under former UFC fighter, Luke Caudillo, and Roufusport Blackbelt’s David Dotson and Brian Adair.

How long have you been vegan and why did you go vegan?
I have been vegan for almost a year now, at first I did it for the health benefits of training, but after further research I’ve become extremely involved with animal rights. I try to spread the work as much as possible and show people that a vegan lifestyle can help you achieve your fitness goals.

What results/benefits have you seen by going vegan?
Since going vegan, my weight has became much more easy to manage, I’ve noticed an increase in strength and muscle and a decrease in inflammation. I was previously a strict vegetarian before converting to full veganism. I also have achieved clarity of the mind, body and soul through the vegan lifestyle.

Are there any foods you miss? If so, how do you deal with it?
The only food I miss is cheese pizza. Although, I have found some great cheese substitutes and believe I will never switch back to vegetarian.

How do you get enough calories for your sport on a plant based diet? How many calories do you require per day?
My typical day of eating includes 5-6 bananas with rice cakes and peanut butter, Munk Pack protein cookie and a healthy dinner every night before 9pm. I typically take in around 3,000 calories a day and try to fit them around my training schedule. This is difficult because I work full time and teach at the University of Wyoming.

What is your typical breakfast?
I typically use intermittent fasting, so I only eat from 1PM – 9PM. I don’t typically have anything but black coffee for breakfast. I feel that intermittent fasting along with a plant-based/vegan diet has greatly accelerated my progress in my training and fitness journey.

What are some favorite vegan “treats” you allow yourself?
My treats  include the Munk Pack protein cookie, Bobo snacks and occasional dark chocolate. I also enjoy Yerba Mate tea.

What’s your favorite quick energy snack to tide you over if you’re hungry between meals?
I’m very disciplined with my diet, so I usually will go to a banana as my go-to with Peanut Butter.

Have you been inspired by any other vegans? If so, who?
Rich Roll and Mac Danzig are athletes that inspired me to switch to full veganism.

Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking of going vegan?
My advice for anyone that’s thinking of going vegan is watch the documentaries, read The China Study and take a 22 day challenge to see how your body feels. I’m involved in activism and talk to people on a daily basis about veganism. I believe you need a full 22 days to feel the benefits of the diet and hope more people convert to the lifestyle. I believe that veganism will spread exponentially in the next few years as more people research the benefits and danger of eating meat and dairy. The more people we reach the better the results will be and I plan on doing my part.