Introducing Cherryvale Farms Love It! Bars

Cherryvale Farms Love It! Bars

Cherryvale Farms, the pioneer in vegan baking, is stepping outside the baking aisle for the first time and you’re going to LOVE IT!

Introducing new Cherryvale Farms Love It! plant-based, clean-label whole grain snack bars. Just a little sweet, bursting with real fruit and drizzled with vanilla or chocolate icing, Love It! bars are packed with whole grains and real fruit flavor. Available in three delicious flavors — Banana Chocolate, Blueberry Lemon and Cherry Vanilla —Love It! bars are the first move outside the baking aisle for the brand.

Perfect for breakfast, dessert, or a healthier on-the-go snack, Love It! bars offer the sweet satisfaction of a home-baked snack in a ready-to eat package!

Cherryvale Farms was founded by a father-daughter team who drew inspiration from their own small farm in Santa Cruz, California to create delicious baking mixes everyone can enjoy at home. Today they offer their original Everything But The…™ baking mixes as well as Instant Indulgence® microwave mug cake mixes and now Love It!® Whole Grain Snack Bars.

Cherryvale Farms products are 100% plant-based, non-GMO, egg-free, dairy-free and free of any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

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