Simply Delish Desserts with No Regrets

Simply Delish Desserts

Holidays are a time to gather with friends and family around delicious food, so Simply Delish brings you the perfect collection of Jel and Pudding desserts to satisfy every picky eater or special diet on your guest list. Simply Delish is committed to crafting desserts that capture the flavors of nature – free of fillers, artificial ingredients and added sugar. Simply Delish is now proud to introduce a line of plant-based, guilt-free desserts made with the purest ingredients and an unbelievable taste.

Each delectable flavor is gluten-free, vegan, Kosher, nut free, NON GMO and Halal – an ideal, worry-free addition to any holiday gathering or family event. Free of gluten, fat, sugar and dairy, nobody can resist the temptation of all-new Simply Delish natural jel desserts in flavors of sun-ripened strawberry, raspberry, orange and peach, and non-dairy pudding desserts in creamy vanilla, decadent chocolate and fresh strawberry. Sets with or without no refrigeration necessary for setting, every box is easy to make and even more fun to share.

Simply Delish Jels have zero carbs and only have 5 calories per serving which caters to wide variety of individuals, from consumers on the Keto diet, Fitness enthusiasts and Diabetics to those party hosts looking to make Vegan Jel Shots for their next get together.

Experience the delectable taste of Simply Delish jel and pudding desserts this holiday season and share the delight, worry-free. Find the full flavor collection at your local Whole Foods, or visit to find your closest retailer.

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