Gene Baur: What About Adopting a Turkey Instead of Eating One?


Gene Baur with Bubbles. Photo credit: Farm Sanctuary

I like to think of Gene Baur, Co-Founder and President of the Farm Sanctuary in New York State and the Los Angeles area, as the original.  While he isn’t the first animal activist, who else has funded their sanctuary by selling veggie dogs out of the back of their VW van at Grateful Dead concerts?  Classic!

Gene is more than just dedicated and devoted to bettering the lives of animals.  He is also a wealth of knowledge about how to fix our ailing animal agriculture-based food supply system that has left the environment depleted and our health in question.  Gene’s got solutions, and a new take on tradition.  For example, since we don’t need meat to survive, consider adopting a Turkey this Thanksgiving rather than eating one.

Gene also has a great book, Living the Farm Sanctuary Life!  You can try the Audible version of this book with a 30-day free trial by visiting

As Gene says, he’s not anti-business and he’s not anti-farmer, he’s anti-cruelty.  And who can’t get behind that?!   Watch, enjoy and for more information, visit

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