Vegan Children’s Book Helping Parents Teach Children Compassionate Living

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We all want what is best for our children. We strive to give them the best food, the best education, and the best overall experiences growing up. We teach them to be honest, caring and respectful to those they interact with. We do our best to protect them from anything we feel might cause them pain or discomfort. Sometimes this means keeping uncomfortable information from our children that we feel is too advanced or intense for their young, innocent minds. This is a big reason why many children grow up into adulthood, without ever knowing where the meat, dairy, and eggs they eat comes from and the processes that must take place for this to happen.

Many of us know that jaw-dropping feeling when we found out we had been lied to our whole lives about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. Well, Matt Bennett, author of the vegan children’s book, Vegan Adventures with Barnyard Friends says that’s the feeling he got when he found out at the age of 25 what happens to animals before they ended up on his plate. It was at that point he knew he could not continue contributing to such unnecessary suffering. Six years later, still vegan, and in the best health of his life, Bennett decided he needed to give parents a non-graphic, fun, and interactive way to teach kids about the animals that are commonly used for food and clothing without the fear of giving them nightmares.

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Vegan Adventures with Barnyard Friends takes children on a fun and educational adventure through the eyes of the animals that are commonly used in food and clothing production. They will see that each animal is an individual with a unique personality and equally deserves the same respect and compassion that our family dogs and cats receive.

Since being published in November, 2017, Vegan Adventures with Barnyard Friends has reached children in 6 countries (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Thailand, Great Britain, and Australia) and 15 U.S. states.

In 2019, Bennett plans to work on expanding the reach of his book into more school libraries and children’s educational programs throughout the world.  Bennett says, “I think it’s important to be upfront and honest with our children, especially about something as personal as what we put into our bodies. Children have a much higher level of intellectual capacity than many give them credit for. I know for myself, I wish I would have been given the opportunity to decide if I wanted to eat animals or not.”

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What parents are saying about the book:

“I highly recommend this to all families wanting to introduce vegan educational materials to their children. With beautifully drawn illustrations and lovable characters, Matt introduces young readers to veganism. He walks us through real life scenarios, showing us how our daily choices impact these sentient beings and gives us solutions to how we can improve their lives for the best.

Included are children’s puzzles, fun vegan recipes and pages of information on vibrant vegan kids leading by example!

This book has touched us so very deeply and is now one of the bed time favorites! Thank you for creating this beautiful gift to the world!”

“This book is an informative, helpful, interactive book for all ages. Filled with in-depth information, I highly recommend it for all children to read. The fun activities make it helpful for children to learn about compassion.”

“Thank you so much, Matt! We received the book last week. My husband and I love, love, LOVE it! CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope you sell millions of copies!”

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