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Wild and Free: An Age Appropriate Picture Book for Little Ones

Wild and Free book

Wild and Free book

Just how do you teach a young child about the ethics of veganism in a way that doesn’t disregard nonhumans as their own communities and in the many ways in which humans exploit them?

With catchy rhymes by elementary school teacher Andrea Zimmer along with colorful illustrations by author and illustrator Julia Feliz Brueck, Wild and Free is just the educational tool the vegan and animal rights movement has been waiting for.

Taking a firm stance against speciesism but without graphic images, Wild and Free helps children ages 0-7 and even older understand that nonhuman animal exploitation is a choice. From bees, lobsters, calves, and snakes to deer and many more unfortunate nonhuman individuals from communities commonly mistreated by society, children are allowed to see the wrong versus right side-by-side in a way that helps cultivate empathy yet empowers them to understand that all living beings have a right to live wild and free from harm in their natural habitats.

The book goes further and takes the time to guide readers to take real action on behalf of nonhumans and humans alike. Since all oppression is interconnected, a just world is one that works against all exploitation and injustice. With this knowledge, Wild and Free is the beginning of a conversation that all families must have as early as possible in order to ensure that the next generation understands that while veganism and animal rights are movements centered on nonhumans, they are also ethical stances that should not add upon the oppression of any other marginalized group.

Wild and Free is now on sale and is available as eBook and hardcover from the Sanctuary Publishers shop and all other book retailers, including Amazon.

Sales from each book sold will help support the residents at PreetiRang Sanctuary!

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