Vegan Retreat in Thailand

Thailand beach

When did you last feel truly free in the net of your daily routine: rules, regulations, obligations, bills, and schedules? In harmony with the world and with yourself? No matter if you are vegan or just wondering about this magical, ethical and healthy lifestyle, we invite you to join us on an incredible, carefree 11-day journey to the world of a mouth-watering plant-based diet, adventurous jungle activities, and inspiring meditative philosophical and musical sessions. We offer a tremendous retreat for your Body, Mind and Soul. Trust yourself to us, and we will rejuvenate you completely. Traversing the enchanting paths of this journey you will find your own path. You will embrace nature and cherish your Self. This spiritual meandering will awake your core, restore your cells, and infuse you with Life, Love and Light. Gradually, you will discover your freedom during our brand-new epic journey “Vegan Freedom”.

Have you ever thought that you can have the most amazing, breathtaking, inspiring, and delicious vacation? We will take you on the best and most luxurious vegan adventure of your life on the fairy isle of Koh Phangan, premier vegan island in Thailand and unique on the whole planet! You will indulge in mysterious jungle trails, energy-reviving hikes, stunning national parks, spiritual vinyasa yoga, rejuvenizing herbal saunas, charming Buddhist temples, healing traditional Thai massage, philosophical and musical meditations and an endless number of 5-star vegan restaurants with a rich variety of exquisite, incomparable, incredible, detoxifying and unforgettable vegan cuisines from all over the world. You will receive all restaurants’ menus in advance to consider your choices. Every day you will be discovering new places, new tastes, new people, and a NEW YOU.

So, are you ready to:

• Exercise vigorously, experience intense-interval workouts, hit real jungle trails, touch mountain tops, swim in oceanic water as clear as a tear, and suntan on the pristine beaches of Thailand?
• Unleash your mind, soul and heart in deep musical meditations followed by philosophical and critical thinking workshops?
• Turn off your mind and experience sound healing by ancient Tibetan and Indian singing bowls, a Saw Duang, a Thai 2-string violin, a Chapman stick, gongs, percussion and psychedelic voices?
• Cherish your body in a traditional Thai spa followed by a Reiki circle and an authentic tea ceremony?
• Dive into incredible, signature, and irresistible true master creations by vegan gourmet chefs?
• Awaken with rejuvenating sunrise yoga?
• Learn to prepare genuine Thai dishes and make real chocolate?

And last but not least:

Who said that vegans cannot drink? How about a signature sunset cocktail with a breathtaking view?

We are open to your special requests because you are special to us!
If you love durian fruit, you can enjoy these to your heart’s content!

What is included in the 11 days/10 nights of the “Vegan Freedom” Program:

• Transportation from Koh Phangan Thong Sala Pier to hotel on the arrival day and from hotel to Koh Phangan Thong Sala Pier on the departure day
• 10 nights at the famous 4.5 star “Summer Resort” (double occupancy)
• 11 breakfasts, 11 lunches, 11 dinners, seasonal fruit snacks, 10 sunset cocktails, coconut water, fresh drinking water
• A day trip to Ang Thong Marine National Park (entrance fee, transportation, kayaking, 3 meals)
• Morning workouts and yoga
• Daily hikes
• Zipline Adventure course
• Meditative workshops
• Two massages
• Admission to spas, herbal steams and saunas within the program
* Thai cuisine and chocolate cooking classes
* Book-meditation “Pearls of Koh Phangan: 100 Thoughts and Photographs on Life, Love and Light” as a memorable gift.

Why Koh Phangan? This island is magical, powerful, cosmic, and energizing. It is a mecca for spiritualized, health-oriented and vegan humans. You will feel purified physically and mentally after spending 11 days in the paradise of love, light, kindness, generosity, diversity, multiculturalism and the deep philosophy of Buddhism. This little heaven is covered by a green blanket of magnificent trees that immerse you into peace complemented by the natural sounds of the forests’ habitants such as monkeys, birds and frogs. You will be overwhelmed by all adventures and gifts that the island will present to you. It will help you live in the moment and find your inner peace. On Koh Phangan, life is here and now. You will yield your ego to the island’s eco. You will dissolve in its beauty and spirit to return to your very center.

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