LeBron, Crawford, Schwarzenegger & Vonn Launch Vegan-Friendly Products

ladder founders

Three out of Ladder’s four products are vegan: plant protein, greens powder, and energy powder (unfortunately the fourth product is whey protein).

Ladder, a new wellness brand, began with a custom protein powder formulated specifically for LeBron James’ personal use. After suffering from severe cramping during the 2014 NBA Finals, LeBron James and his trainer, Mike Mancias, looked for ways to improve his diet, fitness, and recovery. In an extensive search of nutrition products on the market, Mike realized that none of the available options met LeBron’s needs for quality and safety, so he worked with a private lab to create a protein powder.

Two years later, Arnold Schwarzenegger found himself facing a similar struggle. After ending a brief partnership with a supplement company, Arnold wanted to build his own products using what he had learned from that experience. There was a need for high-quality, well-sourced ingredients, delivered with full transparency.

Arnold and LeBron discussed their mutual challenges and the possibility of creating a brand together to provide quality health information and products, that would fit not only different lifestyles, but also individual goals. They assembled a team to create better, safer products, and content from leading experts in the health and wellness industry. LeBron and Arnold knew that if they created something great for themselves, they could also share it with their friends, families, and the rest of the world.

During Lindsey Vonn’s career as the most decorated World Cup skier of all-time, she struggled to find nutrition products that met the rigorous standards of the World Anti-Doping Agency. When she learned about the project from LeBron and Arnold, she was excited to bring her insights and experience to help fix a problem that frustrated her and so many of her fellow Olympians.

As the formulations were being developed, Arnold, LeBron, and Lindsey realized that creating great products for athletes was just one part of the solution. Because their frustrations were also shared by people who were not professional athletes, the solution needed to be holistic and customizable to meet varying needs and goals. Improving health and wellness would also require access to simple, clear information from trusted experts, including ongoing support and accountability.

In order to build a brand that was not limited just to improving athletic performance, they reached out to Cindy Crawford, an icon in health and beauty. Cindy is known for her balanced approach to health, and she embodies the mindset that “Life is a Workout.” Cindy had achieved considerable success in educating consumers while providing great products through her own direct-to-consumer brand, Meaningful Beauty. She shared her co-founders’ frustration with nutrition products and found it difficult to access easy to understand health information. She also believed that the industry needed improvement – a goal that the four founders working together could achieve by sharing their different perspectives and experiences.

With their common passion for health and wellness and a desire to make a difference, Arnold, Cindy, LeBron, and Lindsey created Ladder. Instead of magic pills and one-size-fits-all fads, Ladder is built on three pillars: scientifically-backed information, community interaction with world-class experts, and customized nutrition products that meet the highest standards for safety and purity.

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