VeganCare – New brand of Organic and Vegan cosmetics


VeganCare – a Portuguese brand of organic and vegan cosmetics – has just started a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of launching the various prototypes that has developed so far, offering rewards to all supporters. The brand stands out for being completely vegan – none of the products have animal ingredients or are tested on animals, and also for being produced with ingredients from organic farming.

The brand was created in 2013 by Sofia Vieira, a chemical engineer and herself vegan: “The concern for animal welfare always accompanied me and I felt the need to materialize this in a practical solution.” It includes already a diversified range of personal hygiene products, such as solid shampoos, hair conditioners, facial and body lotions, soaps, exfoliants, deodorants, lip balms, amongst others.

The creators felt that crowdfunding on Indiegogo was the right solution, as it gives the community the opportunity to involve and participate in the construction of something in which they believe or are fond of.

VeganCare’s campaign has already kicked off and will last for a month. For more information, visit their website or the campaign page, where you can support the project and receive some perks in return.

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