Care2 Petition Demands Pebble Beach Golf Links Remove Golf Balls Polluting Ocean

pebble beach golf balls

A new Care2 petition is demanding The Pebble Beach Company, the parent company of Pebble Beach Golf Links, remove golf balls polluting surrounding Carmel Bay. The Care2 petition has been signed by more than 11,000 people. VIEW THE CARE2 PETITION HERE:

The Care2 petition was started after news that a then 16-year-old diver, Alex Weber, spotted the golf ball pollution while swimming off the coast of Carmel Bay. Weber then started her own golf ball clean up effort to rid Carmel Bay of its golf ball scourge. Over the following two years, she and her helpers removed around 50,000 balls — more than 2 tons of them. But, Weber said that even as they made their regular diving trips out to remove more golf balls, they could hear the “plink, plink” of more balls hitting the ocean from golfers.

Golf balls are covered in plastic, and like any plastic material that finds its way into the sea, they degrade over time, releasing microplastics and other toxins into the ocean that marine life ingest.

“The Pebble Beach Company must take responsibility for the golf ball pollution caused by their guests and rid the sea floor of them at once. Additionally, they should take extra steps to make sure more balls don’t make their way into the sea, perhaps by erecting a net to stop stray balls,” the Care2 petition reads. “For Pebble Beach Company officials, out of sight means out of mind, but over the years they have allowed thousands of golf balls to pollute California’s shore. That is unacceptable.”

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