Consumer Poll: 82% of Adults Think Cows’ Milk Should List Source on Carton

milk in supermarket

Should all “milk” labels be required to list the source? According to a new nationwide poll released today by Zogby Analytics, 82% of adults believe that if almond milk and soy milk labels are required to disclose the source of the milk, cows’ milk should also be required to list the source. This finding comes at an auspicious time: The dairy industry has asserted that labels such as “almond milk” and “soy yogurt” should be outlawed because consumers are confused and don’t realize they are buying plant-based products. In response, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently seeking public comment before determining whether such labeling should be written into law. Consumers are encouraged to submit responses through January 28.

Meanwhile, Farm Sanctuary, America’s premier farm animal sanctuary and advocacy organization, today submitted comments to the FDA asserting that descriptive labels like “soy milk” are very clear, and consumers are not confused. And that if FDA really wants transparent and truthful labels, it should require all milks to be accurately labeled, including cows’ milk, which should be labeled as “cows’ milk.”

To raise awareness and encourage the public to submit comments, Farm Sanctuary has partnered with the nonprofit legal advocacy organization Advancing Law For Animals for an Instagram campaign,#WeCanRead, which asks people to take a selfie with their favorite plant-based milk and hashtag it #wecanread.

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