Violinist Rachel Barton: ‘The Gold Standard for Health is Plants Only’

Rachel Barton

On this episode of Awesome Vegans,  Rachel Barton Pine, world-renowned violinist and vegan, joins host Elysabeth Alfano. With over 30 CDs to her credit, Rachel has played in concert halls all around the world. She is also the founder of the RBP Foundation.

When people think about vegans, perhaps they think about hippies and extremists.  Rachel blows that stereotype to smithereens, showing that all sorts of people can be vegan. As she tackles the world music industry and takes on the demanding life of an internationally traveling and performing violinist and full-time mom, her vegan regime enables her to maintain the stamina she needs.  All the while, she is also showing her daughter how to live a vegan life.

Elysabeth and Rachel Barton Pine talk about the impacts of animal agriculture and how going vegan can actually help our planet and our health. Also, listen as Rachel performs three times, playing multiple genres of music including blues and even a duet with her daughter, with passion, ferver and exquisite grace that is quintessential Rachel Barton Pine.

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