Rip Esselstyn Announces 10-Week Health & Nutrition Program Starting March 12

Rip Esselstyn with veggies

Engine 2, the leader in providing tools for people seeking to adopt a whole food, plant-based lifestyle to achieve optimal health, is launching a new plant-based 10-week behavioral transformation program designed to educate, motivate and inspire participants to build long-term health-affirming habits.

The Rescue 10x program offers participants ten weeks of online education and real-life coaching support – focused on helping individuals develop healthy habits and personal accountability. Developed by Engine 2 founder, and the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Engine 2 Diet, PlantStrong and The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet, Rip Esselstyn, the new Rescue 10x program includes educational videos by Esselstyn, along with coaching by Engine 2 certified health and nutrition coaches. Rescue 10x begins on March 12 and registration is now available at

The Rescue 10x program is designed to help apply the nutrition and exercise principles published in The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet with ten weeks of group support focused on best practices and real-life application. Demand grew for a longer, more intensive program that would bridge participants from the sheer willpower of completing a seven-day challenge to the ongoing behaviors that one must adopt to sustain longterm, real-life healthy habits. The Rescue 10x online coaching program provides 10 weeks of learning and community modules including: educational videos recently produced by Rip Esselstyn; weekly workbook lessons with at-home activities; ten live group calls with Engine 2 coaches; and daily coaching in a private Facebook group.

With the Seven-Day Rescue program, the average drop in participants’ numbers is staggering: 26 total cholesterol points; 24 points in LDL (the lethal) cholesterol; 23 points in triglycerides; -10/-5 mm/Hg in blood pressure; and 3 lbs. of weight loss. Engine 2 recognizes that embarking on a plant-based lifestyle can seem overwhelming, especially when a person is battling health issues. That is why a core value of the Rescue 10x program is in the power of community to launch and sustain lifestyle change.

“I’ve been living this lifestyle for more than 32 years,” said Esselstyn. “It’s my mission to ensure people learn the truth and set themselves free from the pitfalls of food created diseases. We want to transition people into understanding the joy that comes from long-term, daily life-giving habits and how plant-based nutrition can solve most of what ails us as a population. 10x is a smart solution to the stop-start yo-yo dieting behaviors.”

Engine 2 is seeking corporate clients who are interested in piloting Rescue 10x with their employees, and learning how a whole food, plant-based diet can show the efficacy in decreasing blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and weight. Full program overviews on Rescue 10x, curriculum, pricing and additional details can be requested by contacting Engine 2 at

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