PlantLife Hotel – The World’s First Vegan, Sustainable, Luxury Hotel

plantlife hotel

The plans for this 5-star luxury paradise boasts 23 huge luxury villas on 19,200 sqm of coconut land. All the fabrics and materials used in this vegan oasis are natural, eco friendly and organic. Bamboo, soybean & hemp fabrics as well as pineapple and leaf leathers will cover chairs, sofas, beds and floors.

The on-site restaurant has a menu that ranges from raw fruit dishes to luxury Thai cuisine ( What’s more, the entirety of the resort will be 100% solar powered and zero waste – the panels are physically built into the designs of the villas (

And last but not least… animal residents. One hundred of them! All named after food. Roaming the entire oasis. All rescued from the local shelters and all adoptable (apart from the furry co-founders!). The design of the hotel gives you an authentic Thai experience, with the added value of furry residents, wherever you go.

The location for the hotel is on the Thai island, Koh Phangan. You may have heard about this island from a couple of viral videos; it’s reputation for being a vegan paradise is, in itself worth a visit. There are over 30 strict vegan restaurants on the island, rivaling the number of their meat-selling competitors.

The only trouble is, this luxury oasis hasn’t been build yet!

The biggest crowd-funding campaign for a hotel has been launched.  They need thousands of people to make it a reality – to hit their campaign goal of $870,000 USD. If the full amount isn’t reached, the campaign is closed and the money refunded to it’s backers. But don’t worry, the crowd funding isn’t asking for donations. They are asking for people to become PlantLife members. In exchange, these memberships offer pretty amazing perks and discounts, and best of all, they will be giving away four 3-night stays to members every single week for 3 whole years! Basically, it’s like the best vegan lottery ever. And if you don’t win a stay, the money you would save from your membership discount (even if staying only a few days at PlantLife), will cancel out the membership cost itself. So it’s a win, win, win!

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