Unwrapped Life: Plastic-free Products for Hair, Body and Home


Living an ‘unwrapped life’, is about empowering an earth-friendly, low/ zero-waste, and plastic-free lifestyle. It’s everyday people, taking responsibility for the waste they produce, the products they use, and the impact they have on themselves and the environment. Offering a carefully-curated selection of plastic and package-free products for: hair, body and home, making the transition to a more eco-friendly lifestyle easy, and accessible.

With a mission to reduce single-use plastics, and excessive packaging, Unwrapped Life is redefining luxury, by changing the way we buy everyday products, for self and surroundings.

“For us, we believe that luxury isn’t in the packaging, it’s in the result. We believe in simplicity and quality, and that amazing products, which produce exceptional results and don’t harm our planet, are the way of the future,” says Co-Founder, Arden Teasdale.

Their flagship product are their solid shampoo and conditioner bars, and they are naked. Unassuming and simple, with a minimalist aesthetic, they deliver salon-quality results for all hair types. Traditional hair care brands would have you believe that you need a bottled product to get salon-quality results: well, they’ve proven them wrong. The bars are concentrated pucks of cleaning, caring and moisturizing ingredients (equivalent to approximately 2-3 16 oz bottles of liquid product!), and they are vegan, color-safe and cruelty-free, all without compromising good hair days!

“We are keenly aware that there is no ‘away’ when you discard a product’s packaging, and that recycling rates are shockingly low. Our view is that most packaging is excessive, unnecessary, and in many cases merely a marketing tactic: we’re seeking to change that,” says Founder, Hayley McKenzie.

They are quickly becoming a leader in low/ zero-waste lifestyle alternatives for many everyday items, such as: shaving cream bottles (vegan sea salt shave bars), single-use cotton face pads (reusable bamboo rounds), and more!

To learn more about how you can ‘get unwrapped’, check them out on Instagram: @unwrappedlife, or visit their website: www.unwrappedlife.com.

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