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5 Destinations for Yogis and Vegans

yoga on beach

yoga on beach

It is not necessarily exclusive if you practice yoga that you are going to eat vegetarian or vegan, however these practices actually overlap and many yogis are vegans or vegetarians. The reason is that healthy food refreshes and replenishes all the vitamins and minerals your body and mind needs and uses. So, if you are a yogi who doesn’t eat animal products or you are a vegan who likes to travel, then you should consider these 5 destinations for your next trip.

yoga Portugal


With its big coastline that is almost all sand, Portugal offers a lot of space for mindful relaxation and enjoying the sun. Plus, it has some of the best and not so expensive yoga retreats.

As far as experiencing Portugal, it offers you a lot of medieval walled cities, if that’s what you like. Its architecture is romantic and you can look for secrets and amazing things in hidden narrow alleyways. What is more, you can completely exploit Portugal for its outdoor adventures at the beach, such as surfing, calming kayaking and fun sailing.

However, when you get hungry, you can enjoy vegan food in Portugal as well. Lisbon is riddled with vegan and vegetarian restaurants, such as AO 26 Vegan Food Project, Jardim Das Cerejas and many others.

Portugal also offers many yoga retreats around the coastline near Lisbon and Sintra. Also, there are many great retreats in the southwest and those more inland in the countryside near Coimbra. So, you won’t lack your yoga experience and you will have a fully zen vacation.

yoga Iceland


Nothing says peace and zen state of mind more than spending time in the beautiful nature of Iceland. Its nature, scenery, and wilderness will truly inspire some soul-searching. Not to mention all the amazing hot springs to soothe your yoga weary body.

There aren’t many architectural wonders in Iceland, but its nature can heal your soul. The best way to do this is to emerge yourself in the hot spring or have a nice walk on a glacier. Not to forget the breathtaking northern lights, dramatic waterfalls, geysers and other natural wonders that will amaze you.

Even though their cuisine is based on meat, Iceland can offer you plenty of vegan restaurants with tasty foods. And as far as yoga retreats are concerned, you can explore Reykjavik and find the ones that will suit you and your needs the most. But for some more adventurous people, you should look for a retreat in the north.

Costa Rica

There are 50/50 chances that a random stranger in Costa Rica is a yoga instructor and this is why this makes a perfect destination for yogis. As a matter of fact, Costa Rica has become THE yoga and wellness place in the Americas.

Plus, what this place offers is an abundance of calming beaches where you can read yoga books, dense jungles to explore, amazing surf sports and it is entirely focused on environmentalism. What is more, you can even join some dance and cooking classes and have some fun and learn how to prepare your new favorite meals.

Finding vegan and vegetarian food in Costa Rica is not an issue at all because lots of their meals are served with beans and rice. Not to mention the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies available there.

healthy food


Most yogis adore Bali, and for a good reason. It is a perfect yoga travel destination, especially Ubud which offers you so much. The entire culture revolves around Balinese Hinduism and there are families everywhere offering you many handmade things. Also, Bali is riddled with gorgeous temples where you can enjoy the beauties and peace surrounding them, which makes them perfect for meditation. And if you want some adventure, there are volcanoes to be climbed, waves to be surfed and beached to be enjoyed.

Also, vegan food is not an issue in Bali, especially in Ubud. There is a ridiculous amount of delicious vegan and vegetarian foods on every corner. Also, there are gluten-free and organic delicacies everywhere. Not to mention the array of fresh fruits and juices which are relatively cheap. Lastly, for your yoga experience, Ubud is the best since it is the center of yoga in Bali. Plus, there are many great retreats near the beaches north of Kuta.

British Columbia, Canada

In British Columbia, health and wellness are part of the culture, and you won’t have any issues finding what you need for your inner peace. Plus, the natural beauty of British Columbia is simply breathtaking.

British Columbia has a deeply spiritual history which is closely linked to the natural world. Here, you can learn so much about First People, their history, religion, and way of life. And if you want to have some fun outside, the Coastal Mountains and the Rocky Mountains create a perfect scenery for relaxing and enjoying the nature and wilderness.

The food here isn’t the problem as well since British Columbia is riddled with vegan and vegetarian foods and restaurants. There are plenty of gluten-free meals, raw foods and whatever else you wish to eat. Also, some of the best yoga retreats can be found on the Gulf Island, Whistler and southern Vancouver Island where you can be in peace.

So, there you have it. These are five of the best destinations for people who enjoy practicing yoga and eating healthy foods! Enjoy!

Article by Hannah Belger