Meet Krimsey Ramsey of the World’s First Cajun Vegan Restaurant

Krimsey Ramsey

Krimsey Ramsey

Meet Krimsey Ramsey, a Louisiana native bringing traditional Cajun cooking to the LA scene with Krimsey’s! Her passion to bring a more mainstream plant-based cuisine to the masses was inspired as a young adult at 20 years-old in Louisiana. As a curious pre-teen, Krimsey was browsing YouTube and saw a factory farming video that changed her dietary outlook. It was, “only a few days later that I decided to cut animals out of my eating forever. I had never put much thought into where meat, dairy, and eggs came from until that moment, but after that, I couldn’t get it out of my head.”

Krimsey moved to LA in 2015 leaving a successful Petroleum Engineering career behind with the mission to make plant-based foods flavorful and accessible, with a Southern-twist of course. When she first arrived in LA, Krimsey experienced long days of working farmer’s markets, festivals, and catering gigs, “to test out my weird food ideas which were crucial in testing out our original recipes and proving the market, so we kept going.”

True to her bayou-upbringing, Krimsey began looking for a space in 2016 to start her venture to bring Cajun vegan food to Los Angeles. Fast forward to Mardi Gras 2017, Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen opened its doors becoming, the world’s first Cajun-vegan restaurant, in an old deli space in the San Fernando Valley. Thanks to the help of friends and family, everything was self-renovated and the restaurant doors opened on a shoestring budget in a microscopic space.

After word of mouth spread and her delicious food was had by locals, they outgrew their space in about six months and moved just four doors down into a larger space which now seats 50 people “and doesn’t have a restroom only accessible through the kitchen!”

Keeping their menu focused on classic Cajun dishes and delicious southern-inspired creations, they are proud to be 100% cholesterol-free, dairy-free, soy-free and egg-free. From appetizers, salads, mains and even hearty brunch fare, Krimsey’s uses traditional methods mixed in with from-scratch recipes and a little bit of voodoo magic. Although it was tough pinning down just one, Krimsey said, “I love our New Orleans Poboy (Hearts of Palm), but I take it a bit further by adding hushpuppies and extra house remoulade sauce to it! With a side of Dill Potato Salad, of course.”

When not spending time cooking up a storm in North Hollywood, Krimsey enjoys going for long sunny beach hikes with her pup, Kona. She is happy to live in a city that has such a wide variety of vegan options and currently likes to go to Vegetable in Studio City as they have a, “a mashed chickpea salad sandwich that I can’t get out of my head for some reason. Oh, and they also have these cheesy fingerling potatoes with coconut sour cream that I feel must be mentioned.” She is happy being part of the wave of health-conscious chefs here in LA and showing the world that vegan food is still, “all of your favorite stuff, just without the flesh and secretions!”

Article by Jarone Ashkenazi

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