The Lady and the Shallot – Plant-based Eatery in Trenton, NJ

lady and the shallot

The Lady and the Shallot was opened in May 2018 by couple and co-owners Francesca Avitto and Kate Wenk. They wanted to bring veganism into the Trenton Farmers Market located in Lawrenceville, NJ to give everyone access to clean and healthy food.  In the process, they have gained a following of loyal customers who have become family.

Starting off strong right from the start, they won best vegetarian restaurant of 2018 by Town Topics. Offering amazing items such as tacos, flat breads, and street spuds which all use farm to table products coming right from the farms in the market! Everything is also nut and gluten free which was important to Avitto and Wenk because their nephew has a severe nut allergy and they saw how hard it was for him to find safe, delicious food.

They have plans of opening other locations to spread the good word and bring people together!

lady and the shallot

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