Vegan Kids Festival Launching in the UK

vegan kids festival

This year we are launching the UK’s first Vegan Kids Festival. This 2 day camping event is aimed exclusively at vegan kids and their families.

Dana Burton, Owner of Goodfayre, Salisburys first vegan shop, created the event because she wanted to empower vegan children to feel part of something: “Often vegan children are the only vegans in their class, and even the whole school, and that can be hard for them to understand.”

Often this makes them feel different and isolated, picked on or singled out. Dana says: “My own children made the choice to be vegan, along with the rest of the family. I feel really proud when I see their compassion for animals, but then I also feel sad for them when they get left out at school. It makes them question their beliefs and, in some children, their desire to conform and be like their peers is a strong conflict for them.”

At the Vegan Kids Festival we really want to create memories for families as well as a real community for vegan children where they can make new friends.

Even though veganism is growing, it is still misunderstood by many people and even as adults we experience people saying unkind things. It can be even harder for children to understand, when they know they are doing something good for animals but are being told by others that it is wrong.

I want to empower vegan children to understand that being vegan is a great thing, and show them how to deal with the situation, as well as having lots of fun.

At the festival there will be a range of workshops, focusing on well being, creativity, free play and cookery, along with a range of vegan stalls and catering vans. We’ll have a live music stage, and will also be hosting a ‘vegan kids got talent’, so the kids can take to our main stage and showcase their talents; any form of talent, any kids who wish to apply can do so through our website.

We are also hosting the vegan kids awards, to showcase the inspiring things vegan kids have done, there are 6 awards available for children who have made a difference in their communities, nominations are now open.

Dana explains: “My aim is to create a mini vegan world for 2 days where everyone who attends can be surrounded by like-minded people and play, safe in the knowledge that everything is vegan and everyone is a friend and everything is designed with kids in mind. This event is all about the children; our changemakers of the future.”

How many times do we take our children to events, and they have to watch other children have ice-cream but there are no vegan ice creams, or sometimes no food at all to eat? We are really excited to create an event where you can just say YES.

I’ve tried to take my kids to traditional vegan festivals but they just get bored. Some have a few activities for kids but are mainly aimed at adults. I want my kids to feel completely part of the event. This is the kids’ turn.

On site we have camping options, from bring-your-own tent or campervan right up to luxury glamping. You can come to the festival as either a day guest or a camping guest and can stay the whole weekend or just come for a day.

It is our hope that this festival will grow each year as veganism grows.

The vegan kids festival is on the 9th-11th August at Tiltup Farm, Southrop, Gloucestershire, GL7 3PL.

More info and to book tickets can be found

Tickets are 50% off if booked before 30th May 2019.

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