McDonald’s is Noncommittal on Plant-based Options During Shareholder Meeting

Meatless Option

A growing number of consumers – including over 215,000 supporters of a petition – were left disappointed by McDonald’s lack of commitment to introducing a plant-based burger during this morning’s shareholder meeting in Dallas, May 23.

When asked about plans for plant-based options Silvia Lagnado, EVP and global chief marketing officer, McDonald’s Corporation, responded with the usual corporate talking points including “we obviously have to assess the consumer demand” and that they are “not disclosing any plans.” The meeting lasted under 40 minutes.

“It is disappointing that McDonald’s failed to acknowledge the tremendous potential of plant-based options. 70 percent of the world’s population is reducing their meat consumption or avoiding it altogether. Burger King, White Castle and other fast food chains have already added plant-based meat to their menus to accommodate for evolving diets,” said Kathy Freston, a New York Times bestselling author and healthy living advocate, who started the campaign five-years-ago. “What adds to the frustration is that we’re not even asking McDonald’s to develop a new item. McDonald’s offers plant-based options in other countries and recently introduced the Big Vegan TS in Germany and the McVeggie in Australia.”

Michael Jones,’s Managing Director of Campaigns, who attended the meeting said “McDonald’s is really missing an opportunity to appeal to a growing consumer base. In regards to their ‘need to assess consumer demands’ and being ‘a customer-obsessed business,’ over 215,000 people support Kathy’s campaign and they’ve made it clear that a meatless option is needed if McDonald’s is going to keep pace with its competition. Burger King’s successful Impossible Whopper pilot and White Castle’s Impossible Sliders are proof that the demand is there.”

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