3 Young, Vegan Gymnast Sisters Making a Huge Impact

vegan kids

Meet Danaé, Danya & Danielle, three young, vegan, gymnast sisters that are bringing their talent, inspiration and vegan lifestyle to the forefront to shift culture and impact their generation through health awareness and fitness.

The sisters live in the Los Angeles area and are phenomenally gifted athletes specializing in gymnastics, dance, acro and yoga. If you can’t find them doing acro on the beach or training at the gym, you can find them in the kitchen cooking their favorite vegan meals or baking delicious treats made from all natural ingredients.

These three young ladies are incredible examples of dedication, determination, and discipline. They are change makers and trailblazers bringing social and personal awareness to eating clean and healthy by adopting a vegan lifestyle and staying fit.

Danya, Danielle and Danaé speak at vegan events to educate people on why they feel being vegan is a great option! When people are curious about their diet they use this time as an opportunity to share about plant-based protein-packed alternative options and choose to lead by example rather than force others to share their opinions. They don’t want to preach to others, but they do want to influence people by being the best examples they can be!

The girls had the opportunity to interview Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey who is vegan and campaigning to run for president in 2020. The words they live by are, “Growing up vegan rocks!”

They have been featured by many brands, including Curls by celebrity, Mahisha Dellinger, Veg Out – Portland, Vegan Kids Magazine, Afro Girl Fitness, Grow Up Vegan, Southwest VegFest, and the Specialty Produce Connection. These are just to name a few.

More information: www.dzvegankidathletes.com and www.instagram.com/dzvegankidathletes

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