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Enjoy Good Catch Fish-free Tuna in Honor of World Ocean Day, June 8

Good Catch

Good Catch

Good Catch is satisfying the enormous global appetite for seafood and offering seafood lovers the best of both worlds: 100% plant-based seafood products that deliver the maximum on taste, texture, and nutrition with minimal impact on the planet or fragile ecosystem of the oceans.

Good Catch offers the same nutritional value as seafood – the proprietary 6-legume blend is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, 14g of protein per serving, is gluten, dairy and GMO-free, and is free of mercury, toxins, plastics, and microfibers.

This World Ocean Day, Good Catch is hoping to raise awareness. As the demand for seafood continues, the fishing industry evolves, developing methods and equipment that catch more fish, more quickly, which destroys our ocean…

  • Nearly 90% of the world’s marine fish stocks are now fully exploited, overexploited or depleted.
  • Scientists predict that global fisheries may totally collapse by 2048.
  • Nearly half of U.S fish consumption is factory farmed, with no regard for animal welfare
  • Wild-caught fish often contain high levels of mercury, PCBs, dioxins, and other health contaminants

The culinary rebels with a cause, the Good Catch™ team has created a true culinary masterpiece with its 100% plant-based, chef-created seafood. With nutrient-dense, flavor-forward, non-GMO, gluten-free fish-free Tuna that serves up the taste, texture, nutrition, and experience of seafood. With values anchored in being a solution to the complex, global issues of the oceans, Good Catch is on a mission to raise consciousness, reduce harm, and preserve resources by offering a plant-based choice for all types of eaters. Good Catch fish-free Tuna is available in single-serve, ready-to-eat pouches in three flavors: Naked in Water, Oil & Herbs, and Mediterranean. www.goodcatchfoods.com@goodcatchfoods