Organic Traditions Offers Delicious Dairy-free Lattes

Organic latte

Organic Superfood Instant Lattes (dairy-free and probiotic-filled!) – With an organic coconut milk powder base, 1 billion probiotics per serving and nutritional boosts like ayurvedic herbs, these new latte mixes come in four flavors (Turmeric with Saffron, Matcha, Chocolate with Ashwagandha, and Beet with Fermented Beets). Just add hot or cold water and enjoy as a healthy alternative to tea or coffee OR additions to smoothies, soups and desserts depending on the flavor.

Family-owned and operated, Organic Traditions has over 100 superfood products and offers the most complete range of Certified Organic and unique functional blends for a broad array of health benefits. The new Instant Latte line continues the company’s tradition of creative use of superfoods. Its heat and shelf stable probiotics can help provide a daily source of “good” bacteria to promote gut health and assist in balancing the digestive system.

The product line is available now in select retail stores and online at

Roasted Baru Seeds (the taste of nuts without the nuts!) – Offering peanut taste without the allergens in peanuts, almonds or other tree nuts, these new superfood seeds are completely nut-free, wild-crafted and hand-picked from the tropics of Brazil. Each serving is loaded with more protein than almonds plus healthy fats, fiber, iron, and other benefits for a delicious snack, or topper to favorite meals and desserts. Bonus: they’re school-safe!

baru seeds

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