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Veecoco Launches as International Online Vegan Cooking School



Veecoco aims to become the “Netflix” of vegan cooking. The company has a goal to become the go-to platform for people wanting to learn more about vegan cooking by offering new online courses every month. Veecoco was founded by Samuel & Lukas Schanderl, vegan twin brothers from Germany.

“We want our students to feel confident in the kitchen and enjoy the process of learning. We do this by offering them new and exciting classes each month with experienced chefs all over the world. If our students want to learn how to cook vegan Thai food, they should be able to learn from a local chef in Thailand. That’s the most authentic way to learn about a cuisine and immerse in the culture,” says Lukas Schanderl, Co-Founder of Veecoco. “There’s nothing better than sharing delicious homemade recipes with the people we love. It’s very fulfilling and we want our students to experience this feeling”.

The twins spent the past 5 months in Asia to record vegan cooking courses in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan & Korea. “Ultimately we want to cover all of the major world cuisines in a fully plant-based way. We started in Asia but aim to cover Europe, South America & more over the course of the coming 2 years. There are so many exciting dishes on this planet that can be easily made vegan so we can’t wait to share them with our students,” says Samuel Schanderl, Co-Founder of Veecoco.

Veecoco launched their platform in May this year and currently offers a vegan Thai course, a vegan cheese course and a vegan dessert course, which can be purchased individually. The company will introduce a membership option in July 2019, to become the “Netflix” of vegan cooking.

The twins also created a free vegan online cooking course, where they step in front of the camera themselves to share the tips and tricks they wished to hear when they turned vegan. This free course covers topics such as cutting techniques, essential spices and tools, vegan protein sources and of course some vegan recipes.

If you want to learn more about Veecoco, click here for more information.