New Documentary Film about ‘Gaurakshas: The Cow Protectors’

Meera Darji

Under Gujarat Law (The Bombay Animal Preservation Act 1954) it is illegal to slaughter cows, calves, bulls or bullocks. Despite this law, animals are still being slaughtered and illegally exported everyday in India.

Meera Darji’s documentary aims to uncover the story of The Gaurakshas (also known as The Cow Protectors) who are a group of volunteers who take action in the form of rescues to protect the animals by all means including risking their lives. From anonymous tips, the Gaurakshas plan their rescues to intercept and stop these vehicles. The dangerous car chases often lead to serious, and sometimes fatal injuries to both animals and volunteers. When found, the trucks are usually piled with injured and starving animals tied in the back.

Watch the trailer here:

The cows, buffaloes and sometimes camels are found compressed into a small truck on top of each other tied with rope from their necks to ankles, unable to breathe or move. Full of fear they sense death but are helpless. Sometimes the animals are found already butchered in forests with pools of blood and flesh on the bare ground. Many times the cows’ eyes are smothered with chili powder to debilitate control and create more pain.

The Gaurakshas been struggling financially to pay for all these expenses. The government do not support the sanctuaries or the volunteers and there funds are entirely reliant on donations. If you can support by giving a donation that would be appreciated.  There are many different aspects to what the funds will go towards, below are a few:

· Buying more land for the saved animals
·      Maintaining vehicles that they use for chasing illegal butchers
·      Health and welfare – this includes hospital treatment for the injured animals
·      Purchasing Manual cow cranes for cows who can’t stand up
·      Sanctuary expenses (food, water, shelter, staff)
·      Hospital treatment for volunteers in accidents

If you are able to donate even $5, this will go a very long way.

Find out more about the project here:

Please sign the petition to stop the illegal cow slaughtering in India here:

Filmmaker, Meera Darji, is a vegan and her mother runs a vegan cafe called Vegan House based in Rushden, UK.

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