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Green Waves Portugal Vegan Surf Retreat

surfing Portugal

surfing Portugal

Husband and wife team, Miguel & Alina, have launched a brand new vegan surf retreat in Portugal this year.

The one week retreat is located in the small, traditional town of Baleal, Portugal. They offer a 7-night stay, homemade vegan meals, surfing lessons for beginners, yoga and a fun excursion to Óbidos.

As husband and wife, they focus on a personal approach to make you feel as part of their family. That’s why they accept only 4 people per week so they can dedicate enough time to each guest.

All meals are vegan. Upon booking you’ll be asked to fill out a special form in case you have any food allergies or intolerances so they can adjust the menu for you.

Portugal is without doubt the best surf destination in Europe. You will discover the amazing world of surfing with the guidance of passionate surfers and ocean lovers. Lessons are the best choice for beginners at all fitness levels.

To complement your experience they’ve added one yoga session with a certified yoga instructor to the program.

A trip to Portugal cannot be complete without visiting authentic Portuguese places. They will take you to Óbidos – a small village which has preserved its medieval history. You will climb real castle walls, walk in the labyrinths of narrow streets and try the traditional cherry liqueur (which is served in an edible chocolate cup, yum!).

More information: https://greenwavesportugal.com/