Introducing VegReady Shelf-stable Plant-based Meals

vegready vegan meal

VegReady meals are ready-to-eat, shelf stable meals that are made with powerhouse ingredients like quinoa, lentils, spinach and ratatouille. They include one main tray, one side, and one sauce, and unlike other vegan meal options, they don’t need to be refrigerated or heated! The company’s mission is to help 2 million people eat just 2 more plant-based meals per week as a first step on their transition to a better life.

Each meal consists of one main tray, one side, and one sauce. Main trays include: Quinoa & Lentils and Blond Quinoa. Sides and sauces include: Spinach & Broccoli; Eggplant Ratatouille; Tomato, Mango, Peppers & Hearts of Palm; Lentils & Piquillo Peppers; and Zucchini & Onion. Meals can be ordered as a one-time purchase of a case of eight ($60 + Shipping) or as a monthly subscription ($49.80 + shipping).

VegReady is launching a new program that will help activists influence with kindness by offering a “Get Two, Give One” program.  The idea is simple: Enlist “Vegan Activism Angels” who will receive two free VegReady meals, and will then pledge to give one to a non-vegan to open their eyes to the possibilities of how easy it is to eat a more plant-based diet. VegReady will be giving away thousands of meals over the next two months at events including the Animal Rights Conference, July 25-28 and DC VegFest on August 11.

Mark Perlmutter spent nearly 50 years trying to convince friends and family to adopt a vegan lifestyle…with little success.  Excuses ranged from the inconvenience of creating meals to the amount of time it takes to shop for and cook a vegan meal to simply not knowing what to eat.  He tried everything from cajoling to presenting the argument for humane treatment of animals to financing a documentary entitled Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.

After years of of of observing the plant-based lifestyle among early adopters and his own experience, he created VegReady, plant-based meals that are designed to help new vegans or those interested in switching to a more plant-based diet succeed.

With the help of natural food experts and food engineers, Perlmutter identified Peru as the ideal first cuisine to highlight VegReady meals because they were the first country to outlaw the use of GMO food.

To ensure the highest quality, each step of production — from planting the vegetables, to harvesting, cooking, and packaging — is carried out by a family-owned company. The meals contain no chemical preservatives and have a year-long shelf life.

VegReady products can be ordered online at

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