New Vegan Pineapple Leaf Fiber Shoe Collection from BOHEMA Clothing

bohema clothing vegan shoes

The more we hear about the harmful impact of fashion industry on our environment, the more glad we are to chose consciously while shopping. Especially having a plethora of options to chose from. Fashion brands offer products that live up to sustainable fashion expectations. One of those brands Is BOHEMA clothing – the first Polish brand on the market that offered pineapple leaf fiber shoes (Pinatex). Its new collection oBsession 2019  has been embellished with hashtags #goodforanimals #goodforplanet #goodforpeople to prove that apart from innovative and pro-eco materials it also fulfills sustainable fashion promises.

In response to the needs of the modern age – sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion makes use of eco components which generate less environmental pollution than conventional resources. Recycling and up-cycling become equally popular. Recycling is collecting a waste product and reprocessing it so that it can be consumed once again (e.g. rPET). Up-cycling is the process of transforming by-products, waste or unwanted materials into new products of better quality and environmental value. That’s where Pinatex comes from, used for manufacturing BOHEMA clothing shoes. Pinatex is made of pineapple leaf fibre that has been simply a fruit growing waste material. The amount of chemicals is also reduced during its production. It has a positive impact on both the environment and customer’s wellbeing.

Control over production, drilling down into supply chain and localness are equally essential. BOHEMA fulfills all of those demands.

Step towards slow

“‘Being slow’ was the headline of Bohema’s comeback. Back in the day we were focused on making our products fully vegan and cruelty free. We had no idea that fashion could be so detrimental for our planet. That’s why we want to go further and do good not only for animals and people, but also for the planet. We are seeking for biodegradable materials and harmless production methods. We’re the very first Polish brand that has come up with pineapple leaf fibre shoes and we plan on producing shoes from mushrooms and Polish apples’ fibre in our new Autumn collection.” – says the designer, Sebastian Szypu?a.

BOHEMA shoes are created in a small Sub-carpathian workshop by the founders’ parents. Edward and Halina are manufacturing them manually. They put their whole hearts into it chosing the best components only and taking care of every single detail of the process.

Good obsession with fashion and ecology

The newest collection named perversely “oBsession 2019” is supposed to underline the brand’s personality. Its creators were inspired by the highly discussed question – what senseless fashion consumption can lead to. In the summer collection we’ll find stylish minimalistic women’ sandals of geometric form and classic stiletto heels. Apart from being heeled all of the shoes are extremely comfortable. Handcraft guarantees functionality and perfect match.

The brand has also taken care of those who might need a more individual approach. It is now possible to order fully personalized pair in terms of fitting and length.

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