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TeaRiot: A 100% Organic Unprocessed Alternative to Energy Drinks



A study came out that has experts concerned about the health risks of energy drinks. And while consumer preferences have been trending towards health and wellness for decades – the big brands in the category have seemingly ignored the pleas of their customers for something better – without anyone stepping up to challenge their dominance in this hyper-masculinized category. That is, until now.

teaRIOT is a new alternative to the hyper-caffeinated, hyper-processed world of energy beverages, launching nationwide at Whole Foods Market this month.

This is a truly unprocessed, 100% percent plant-based product unlike anything else on the market. Imagine freshly brewed tea with a splash of fresh, cold pressed fruit combined with other delicious and healthy plant-based ingredients. You can actually taste the ingredients in their beverages – ginger, lemon, fruit. And you’ll actually recognize everything on the ingredients list.

So how else is it different?

  • Mindful, productive energy over adrenaline: teaRIOT is designed to fuel personal performance by tapping the energizing power of tea using a strategic combination of L-theanine (“el-thee-ah-neen”) and caffeine.While it might sound scary, L-theanine is actually an amino acid found naturally in tea, which has a synergistic effect with caffeine, elevating energy benefits while diminishing the negative side effects typically associated with caffeine. L-theanine has shown to improve mental alertness and focus while prolonging energy levels. Unlike traditional energy drinks that amp you up and make you crash, this is a calm, steady energy that makes you feel alert and ready.
  • 100% Plant-based energy: Unlike the unknown and scary ingredients found in many energy beverages, teaRIOT is entirely unprocessed and plant-based with nothing made in a lab and no ambiguous “flavors.”
  • Better ingredients, from nature: teaRIOT is a delicious, organic, unprocessed blend of tea, cold-pressed fruits, and botanicals. Each teaRIOT beverage contains 100mg of L-theanine, naturally occurring tea caffeine (the equivalent of one shot of espresso), zero added sugar and is certified organic, GMO free and vegan. With hardworking, easily recognizable ingredients, teaRIOT is nature’s positive-energy tea that keeps you going, powers your workout, and enables you to stay focused while studying, gaming, or working.
  • A better message: teaRIOT is proud to be a plant-based energy source for all. Born in Venice Beach, Calif. to co-founder Laura Jakobsen (a former Pinkberry executive), teaRIOT started out as a small woman-owned business and has grown to include distribution at Whole Foods Market, select Targets and independent natural markets. The company has pointedly avoided the hyper-sexualized or hyper-masculinized branding that has typically defined the energy drink category and alienated female consumers.

Found in the refrigerated beverage case with a retail price of $3.99, teaRIOT is available in five delicious flavors, including:

  • Hibiscus Glow (Energy + Antioxidants): Bright and berry-like with a zing
  • Matcha Rise (Energy + Focus): Light and tropical with a hint of mint
  • Lemon Yerba Mate (Energy + Hydration): Citrusy with extra sidekick of refreshment
  • Cider Kick (Energy + Immunity): Slightly sweet with rolling layers of spice
  • Turmeric Shine (Energy + Anti inflammation): Light and bright with a bold dash of mother earth

Learn more at: https://teariot.com/