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Sneaky Panda: World’s First Vegan Luxury Sneaker Store for Men

Sneaky Panda vegan shoes

Sneaky Panda vegan shoes

The world’s first vegan luxury shoe store for men ‘Sneaky Panda’, was officially launched this summer. The Dutch shop offers designer men’s shoes made from innovative and durable materials. Dutch founder and shoe fanatic Roy Peijnenburg came up with the idea of starting a webshop when he was looking for an animal-free brand of sneakers. Finding a pair that were produced in a conscientious manner and under good working conditions turned out to be a difficult task. That is why he decided to start his own company: Sneaky Panda.

Making the fashion industry more sustainable

The fashion industry has focused more and more on sustainability in recent years and designers are more often making conscientious choices. This also applies to sneakers and shoes, where environmentally friendly and animal-free alternatives are being developed rapidly. After all, animals do not belong in the fashion production system. Despite these developments, it is especially difficult for men to buy honestly produced, sustainable designer sneakers. Sneaky Panda responds to this by offering the world’s leading men’s sneakers in terms of innovation, sustainability, and design.

Cruelty free sneaker brands

In the Sneaky Panda shop you will find an exclusive range of vegan shoes and sneakers from leading brands such as Brave Gentleman, Good Guys, Nat-2, Rombaut, Shoes Like Pottery, and Sydney Brown. Sneaky Panda is constantly expanding the sneaker web shop with new brands. Roy also hopes to add a women’s line to the Sneaky Panda product range soon.

Assortment is personally selected

The exclusive sneakers are selected based on strict requirements. Only the most innovative designs, made from recycled and plant-based materials are included in the Sneaky Panda shop. All shoes are produced in a sustainable, fair manner and are produced by hand by people who receive a fair income. This makes each pair of sneakers one of a kind and because they aren’t widely available, the sneakers are even more exclusive.

High-quality, vegan materials

No fabric, glue, or lace from the sneakers are made from animal material. The sneakers of Sneaky Panda are made of innovative materials such as biodegradable vegan “leather”, wood, recycled bottles, ecological cotton, bamboo, or cork. Even ground coffee beans and mushrooms are processed in the fashionable sneakers. All shoes are 100% vegan and leave the smallest possible impact on the environment. Several sustainable sneakers from the Sneaky Panda selection have won innovative prizes.

Get Sneaky Panda sneakers

Do you want sustainable sneakers? Take a look at the product range at www.sneakypanda.nl/en. Sneaky Panda offers worldwide delivery.