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Luxury Yoga Mats Made From Recycled Bottles

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As anti-plastic movements are sweeping around the globe; and many US cities now banning single use plastics; there is an estimated 8 million tons of plastic waste being dumped into our oceans annually, it’s time for each of us to think about our eco footprint.

Described by Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue as ‘stunning works of art’, Yoga Design Lab is a young Bali based yoga brand that is shaking up the industry with sophisticated technology and uber-colorful designs.

Chad Turner, Founder/Designer says: “The goal was to create a beautiful, highly-functional product with the smallest eco footprint possible. Countless yoga mats end up in landfills because they’re made from non-recyclable, hazardous materials. While our overall goal is to limit plastics usage, at least we can start repurposing what’s already out there and keep it from our oceans.”

Last Winter, Yoga Design Lab launched a collection of eye-catching luxury yoga mats made from natural tree rubber and recycled plastic bottle microfibers. Yoga Design Lab is bringing this earth friendly technology to their yoga mat towels and hand towels as well.