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New Curries Replace Dietary Supplement Pills with Natural Foods

burma spice

burma spice

Burma Spice has launched Burma Spice Wellness curries and teas. This new product line embraces the philosophy that 100% of what our bodies need for good health can, and should, come from the natural foods we eat.

Our increasing rates of hypertension, diabetes, and other diseases are often caused by chronic inflammation resulting from lifestyle choices including a diet of factory-foods. Scientific evidence shows that when we chase these down with supplement tablets and harsh vitamin pills, it may only make the situation worse instead of improving our health.

Burma Spice Wellness curries contain turmeric, cinnamon, and other superfoods in carefully formulated ratios that work together to promote bioavailability.

They add back to the modern diet the special spices and herbs that kept our ancient civilizations healthy long before modern medicine.  The curries come in the form of curry powder, making it easy to whip up a healthful meal at home in minutes.

Burma Spice Wellness curries and teas contain no added sugar, salt, preservatives or any other additives.  They are made with 100% pure natural foods and nothing else.

The new product line includes:

  • Burma Spice Wellness Curry, Bodya traditional northern Indian curry blend that supports a healthy inflammation response
  • Burma Spice Wellness Curry, Minda slightly sweet Malaysian curry with ingredients that support memory and healthy brain function
  • Burma Spice Wellness Curry, Defensea savory Burmese curry full of spices traditionally used to support healthy immune function and allergen response
  • Burma Spice Wellness Tea, Peacefula cinnamon tea with wild lettuce and other soothing herbs
  • Burma Spice Wellness tea, perkya bright citrus tea with yerba mate and guarana to brighten any mood and liven your step

Burma Spice Wellness curries and teas are available now, from the company’s website www.burmaspice.com