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World Plant Milk Day is August 22nd



Founded in 2017, World Plant Milk Day is an international celebration which highlights the health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits of switching from dairy to plant-based dairy alternatives.

Macadamia nut-based milk producer milkadamia is celebrating the holiday with its special “14 Reasons Why Moo Is Moot” social media campaign. Each day leading up to August 22nd the company posts a different reason why it believes dairy is irrelevant in our diet and why consumers should switch to plant-based milk alternatives. Consumers can follow each day on the company’s Twitter account.

Many are already making the switch and this shift has resulted in the U.S. dairy industry losing $1 billion in revenue in 2018 with additional heavy losses expected in 2019. It has also driven sales of plant-based milk alternatives to record numbers in recent years with sales forecasts for the coming years expected to increase exponentially.

Since the start of the campaign on August 9th and culminating on World Plant Milk Day on August 22nd, the company has and will be highlighting the ways that switching to dairy alternatives are essential to our overall health and the health of the planet and all of its inhabitants. World Plant Milk Day was started in 2017 by Plant Based News.

Among the reasons included in the 14 Reasons Why Moo Is Moot campaign include:

  • Farm animal welfare
  • Plant-based milk replicates the taste of milk that we all grew up with
  • The health benefits of switching from dairy are indisputable
  • Plant-based milk comes in a wide array of flavors. Dairy comes in regular or chocolate. Boring!
  • Every day plant-based professional athletes are achieving maximum, record-setting performance without dairy
  • Dairy’s effect on the planet crisis is impossible to ignore any longer
  • It’s a great first step to adopting a completely plant-based diet

Highlighting World Plant Milk Day through this one-of-a-kind campaign is extremely important to milkadamia. With its line of macadamia-based milks, creamers, and soon-to-be-announced butter, the company is bringing consumers all of the great taste of dairy without the human and ecological ills brought about by the dairy industry and factory farming.

Moo is (indeed) moot.