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As KFC fries into the future, McDonald’s stalls

beyond fried chicken

beyond fried chicken

Tomorrow, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) will pilot a plant-based fried “chicken” at one Atlanta, Georgia location. The decision to trial plant-based nuggets and wings comes as a result of chain after chain partnering with Beyond Meat this year.

The burgeoning partnership with Dunkin’ and Hardee’s—both championed through Change.org petitions—is just the latest in Beyond Meat becoming the most sustainable protein investment for major fast-food chains.

“If you would have asked me six months ago, I would have said no, to be completely honest with you,” CEO Kevin Hochman told Business Insider. “Because we’re about fried chicken.”

“When KFC’s CEO admits he is now open to plant-based “chicken” on the menu, the market has already been revolutionized…what is McDonald’s waiting for?” says petition starter Kathy Freston who is still fighting to get a plant-based burger at McDonald’s

Because as the protein landscape rapidly changes, the burger giant’s inaction to the market is what stands out the most. Especially after McDonald’s scripted response that “our markets decide what is best for their customer.”

And to hit home demand, plant-based meat is taking off on the Change.org platform with customer-driven campaigns calling on Starbucks and Wendy’s to listen to customers’ changing diets by offering plant-based meat menu items.