Opera Singer Lucas Meachem on his Impossible Burger Diet & Going Vegan

lucas elysabeth

You are in for a treat because tonight it is a vegan’s night at the opera!  Grammy-Award winning Baritone and Animal Rights Advocate Lucas Meachem joins Elysabeth Alfano from the road just before he performs on stage. Spanning his career, Lucas has performed at the Hollywood Bowl with Gustavo Dudamel, at the Vienna Opera House, the Paris Opera House, the Los Angeles Opera, the Washington National opera, Michigan opera Theater, the Canadian Opera, Napa Opera and the Metropolitan Opera House. It is hard to believe that Lucas actually got his start in a Paris Karaoke bar where he was discovered!

Lucas is currently performing at the San Francisco Opera house playing Mercutio in Romeo and Juliette.  He will also be a featured speaker at the upcoming California Vegetarian Food Festival on Sept 21.  Elysabeth will be interviewing Lucas live at this free event. For sure they will be discussing his favorite routine of eating an Impossible Whopper before every performance!

Enjoy this candid interview with Lucas who talks about his love of animals and music and how he believes that veganism is the next social justice movement of our time.  He also discusses the benefit of not accepting the status quo and thinking through why we eat what we do and does that really serve us best.

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