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Dr Hops Kombucha Vegan Beer Expands Distribution

Dr Hops Kombucha Beer

Dr Hops Kombucha Beer

Dr Hops Kombucha Beer, a leading vegan, high-alcohol kombucha beverage provider, has expanded distribution of its all-natural, high-alcohol kombucha beer products to the entire state of California.

Already available in the Bay Area, Dr Hops Kombucha Beer is now available in locations throughout Northern California and in select locations in Central and Southern California, with plans for additional expansion across the West Coast and nationwide to follow.

Dr Hops Kombucha Beer is a healthy, tasty, environmentally friendly company that’s crafting beer through true fermentation and organic fruit infusions. No grain or flavoring is added. Instead, it’s made entirely of kombucha, which is a cultured, probiotic tea with many properties known to be healthful to the human body. The kombucha then undergoes a second, natural fermentation process that makes the beverage anywhere from 5-10% alcoholic, legally turning it into beer.

“The whole idea for this type of product was born out of a yoga and fitness community I was involved in at Berkeley,” said Joshua Rood, CEO and managing director of Dr Hops Kombucha Beer. “We all loved wellness, but we all loved beer, too. That’s where the idea for a healthy beer came from. We wanted to create a high-alcohol kombucha drink that was both delicious and good for you – and we succeeded.”

Rood, with an extensive background in the food and beverage industry, co-founded Dr Hops Kombucha Beer in 2015. Now the company’s products are officially available in more than 50 locations around the state, including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Cruz and Laguna Beach.

Their core product lineup includes:

  • IPK: Akin to a juicy IPA that’s made from a kombucha, this drink is heavily dry-hopped with Mosaic, Citra, and Cryo-Cascade. The flavor is that of tart, tropical, citrus-guava-kumquat with a slight farmhouse finish.
  • The Lop: This tart, refreshing pomegranate chai kombucha beer is tantalizingly balanced with prominent grapefruit notes. It’s dry-hopped with Citra and 95% organic with a fresh orchard finish.
  • The Jackalope: With this drink, consumers will taste fervent ginger, lime, and mint, along with fresh-pressed probiotic tartness. It’s 95% organic with a fun-loving finish.
  • Binky: The Binky transports consumers to fields of basil and lemongrass. It carries an airborne twitch of fresh, lemony tartness with an enlivening finish.

Dr Hops Kombucha Beer is a sustainable, plant-based company. All of their drinks are sold in recyclable glass bottles, and 1% of all their revenue goes to support environmental causes. For more information about Dr Hops Kombucha Beer, please visit https://drhops.com/. To find a list of locations that carry Dr Hops, please visit https://drhops.com/wheretobuy.