Is Green Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

matcha tea

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Matcha tea one of the most loved green teas in the world. There are numerous benefits attached to taking matcha tea, including improving heart health, boosting energy levels, resolving inflammation, acting as an antioxidant, not to mention, supporting weight loss. While all these are admirable benefits, the consumption of matcha tea has raised some concerns among pregnant women.

Ideally, matcha tea contains caffeine. This is one of the primary reason why pregnant women worry over whether or not to continue consuming matcha tea during their pregnancy term. Every woman is concerned about having a healthy pregnancy and getting along to full term. In that case, it matters to worry over the kinds of foods and beverages you consume through this period, for both your health and that of your unborn child. So, the question remains, is matcha tea good in pregnancy? Find out below:

Rich in necessary nutrients for a healthy pregnancy

FindingĀ where to buy matcha is not as much a concern as understanding how beneficial the drink can be. Matcha tea is rich in vitamin C, B, and proteins. The drink is especially high in folate. All these are necessary nutrients throughout the pregnancy term.

Presence of L- theanine

Wakefulness during pregnancy is highly beneficial because it allows a mother to remain active throughout the day and take care of her changing body. Matcha tea is rich in L-theanine, which is an element responsible for wakefulness. Unlike with coffee, matcha tea enhances wakefulness without the jittery feeling, which why it is alright for a pregnant woman to drink matcha tea. The best news about the L-theanine component in matcha tea is that it is known to help treat anxiety as well as high blood pressure. As you may know, pregnancy can very much result in high anxiety levels, not to mention, high blood pressure. For this reason, matcha tea is the way to go.

An abundance of EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate)

EGCG is a very powerful polyphenol when it comes to dealing with gestational diabetes. The cases of gestational diabetes today are on the rise, which is why EGCG is very crucial. This component in matcha tea has been known to protect the life of the mother and the newborn in a case involving gestational diabetes.

Low levels of caffeine

If you are a beverage person, then you understand that the amount of caffeine in matcha tea is not nearly as high as it is in other teas or coffee. In fact, a cup of matcha can have an estimate of 45 mg of caffeine or less. This means that matcha tea is a great substitute for coffee, sodas, chocolate and other types of teas. If you can still to about 200 mg per day of matcha tea, then the caffeine levels in matcha tea will not in any way affect your pregnancy.

So, is matcha tea good in pregnancy?

Yes. As is clear above, matcha tea is good in pregnancy. However, because of the caffeine in the tea, make sure you exercise caution with the amount of matcha tea you consume in a day. You can consider consulting your doctor to find out how much matcha tea is good for your pregnancy. While at it, ensure you are buying high-quality matcha, with keen consideration of where the matcha is grown. Besides, you can always rely on your body to guide you on how much matcha is okay for you. If you feel jittery after taking matcha tea, then you may want to discontinue its use.


There are so many benefits of taking matcha tea, and you do not have to stop enjoying them once you get pregnant. The only thing you need is to drink matcha tea in moderation.

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