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Viva La Vegan Apparel Gives New Meaning to the Word Vegan

vegan apparel

vegan apparel

Viva La Vegan Apparel, a new-to-market vegan fashion brand, has coined the word VEGAN to mean Value Everything Grown and Natural and is gaining traction fast in the fashion world for their bold, vibrant and colorful designs.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Nicholle Savoy and Chief Financial Officer Tiffany Key were inspired to bring something new to the table and did just that by creating fresh designs that are creative, colorful and catchy to the eye. Most importantly though, Viva La Vegan Apparel is an all-vegan based brand that is 100% animal free.

“I created Viva La Vegan Apparel because whether we like it or not, the clothes on our back make a powerful statement about who we are to the outside world,” said founder and CEO Nicholle Savoy. “We wanted to create a fashion forward brand that encourages people to value everything grown and natural, regardless of whether or not you are vegan. We want to spread a message of peace and inclusivity and hope our brand reflects that.”

Featuring over 5 new items in the fall collection, Viva La Vegan Apparel is growing fast and by demand.

“We had no idea people would be so receptive and supportive of our collection,” said CFO Tiffany Key. “People literally stop me on the street when I’m wearing one of our tees or hoodies and immediately want to know where they can get one too. It’s been a magical experience seeing Viva La Vegan come to life and bring so many smiles.”

The Viva La Vegan Fashion Line includes:

  • Embroidered classic tees
  • Tank tops
  • Sweaters and hoodies
  • Hats
  • Toddler clothes
  • Warm up pants
  • Flip flops and socks
  • And soon to come: dog apparel! 

For more information, visit vivalaveganapparel