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Honestly Ombré, A Vegan Beauty & Wellness Company in the UK

honestly ombre

honestly ombre

Honestly Ombré is a vegan and non-toxic beauty & wellness company, with their eco-salon HQ in Old Town, Swindon, about 2 hours west of London. Honestly Ombré is built on its ethical credentials, and is a positive driving force in the fight against animal testing and derivatives within the beauty industry.

Founded by Jessica Wallbridge, Honestly Ombré opened their first concept store in November 2018, and since then the HO team has grown from just Jess, to 4 Therapists and a behind the scenes Operations Director; they have no plans at stopping and have plans to open another location in the South West in the pipeline.

Honestly Ombré hopes to show a kinder side to the beauty industry; for animals, for the environment and for humans, by offering ethical options without any compromise on quality. ‘We are passionate promoters of self love and wellness, which can be key in overall mental health, and we want to celebrate individuality and natural beauty wherever possible.

The name Honestly Ombré echoes this ethos too; ‘Honestly’ is the truth, light, openness, and ‘Ombré’ is the shadow. We are actively trying to shed light on the beauty industry from all angles.


When Jess and the team say the company is underpinned by its ethics, they mean it.

‘Our massage bed is synthetic leather, we use soy wax candles, biodegradable non-latex gloves, vegetable based hand sanitisers, recycled toilet paper, business cards made from recycled t-shirts, tote bags made from salvaged and recycled plastic bottles, lampshades designed as fishing baskets hang above our reception desk, even our nail tables are waxed with a vegetable wax rather than beeswax.’

‘We’ve just launched our line of t-shirts, which are all thrifted, have been saved from landfill, and beautifully embroidered to promote slow fashion and the damage the fashion industry is doing to the planet.’

‘We try to minimize our waste, and are constantly researching and improving our methods to cut down on single use plastic and landfill. If we can be doing something better for the planet, we try our best to incorporate those changes.’

‘In terms of our treatments, we’re offering an experience every time a client visits Honestly Ombré. We are predominantly known for our Art Nails, and we aim to create something unique and reflective for our clients; a feeling that will last until their next visit.

They recently had Vegan Activist Carly Taylor visit the salon for a pamper day, while her and her boyfriend James Aspey were in the country for the Vegan Campout Festival.’


‘Our Art Nails have been in the same room as The Queen when one of our clients went with her Dad to receive an OBE, our nails have fired guns from a Fire Arms Officer, they have visited countries all over the world, our nails have been at births and held brand new babies for the first time, our nails have been there as our clients say ‘i do’, they have been at graduations and cheered for friends, they have visited slaughter houses, been to marches, celebrated Pride, and have helped build confidence after chemo destroyed the healthy nails of one of our clients. Our nails could tell a lot of stories, and that is our goal.’

A contributing factor in the success of Honestly Ombré so far has been the strong brand and the authentic values that underpin it, ‘We are offering an experience, not a treatment. An hour for our clients to focus on themselves, not to rush them out the door on a conveyor belt.’

Aside from nail art, they also offer ethical beauty treatments, such as lash lifts, tinting, threading, waxing, pedicures and make up, as well as their wellness range which includes Aromatherapy Massage, Facials, Indian head massage and newly launched CBD massage.


When visiting the salon, Honestly Ombré is a serene oasis in the hub of a busy town; it’s like stepping into an urban jungle. The salon is overflowing with plants, big open windows, quirky neon lights and glass bubble walls.

‘Fundamentally our goal is to making someone feel good about themselves, that feeling is something that unites the beauty industry, that you have the power to contribute to someone’s confidence and happiness, however small a beauty treatment might seem in the grand scheme things, it’s the little things that make the big things!’


Honestly Ombré recently became ambassadors of The Animal Justice Project, an organization working to eliminate animal suffering. Jess says ‘our goal is to raise awareness of the ways in which society exploits and uses animals; our aligned mission will always be to fight for those who don’t have a voice, to live a life free from violence, and ultimately, fight for animal liberation.’