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The Buddha Bowl Project, An Extraordinary Documentary

The Buddha Bowl Project

The Buddha Bowl Project

The Buddha Bowl: Nourishment For The Wise is an unprecedented feature-length (90 mins) documentary in the making featuring personalities and some of the most influential and renowned spiritual leaders and masters in the world like the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh; Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, one of the most outstanding Indian Guru; Master Haitao, renowned Chinese-Taiwanese Buddhist master; Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, minister of Indian parliament; His Holiness Karmapa, head of Kagyu sect of Tibet and many others spiritual leaders from the Himalayas and other parts of the world.

Inspired by probably the most successful documentary on the subject of kindness to sentient beings, “Earthlings”, yet innovative The Buddha Bowl is about wisdom and compassion, the two wings and core teachings of Buddha. Lack of compassion, especially for animals and lack of environmental awareness (wisdom) are unquestionably the cause of the two main human-made problems existing on our planet.

In this documentary, you will be seeing the viewpoint of Buddha himself and of spiritual leaders from the past and present in a total of about 30 interviews on the subject of animal rights, environmental issues and health. This documentary is going to present the horrors caused to sentient beings and our environment due to our lack of love, compassion in action and awareness. Since we are all completely connected and interdependent The Buddha Bowl: Nourishment For The Wise works as a visionary project aiming to dissipate those opposites, lack of compassion to animals and the destruction of our nature.

Bringing aspects of compassion to animals, environmental protection, health issues, Buddhism, spirituality, a natural human need for a transition to a much more sustainable and compassionate food, a plant-based diet or vegan diet, or at the very least, work on a transition through vegetarianism; the documentary The Buddha Bowl is being produced to bring Buddhists and spiritualists together to work actively for respect and preservation of life and our environment.

The industry and factories of animals used for meat, dairy, egg, clothing and animal exploitation, in general, are the main causes of destruction of the outer environment, our Mother Earth, and of the inner environment, our heart of love and compassion. We as followers of Buddhism, of a religion and spirituality, it is our individual responsibility to work actively for a real change.

The director has spent almost 2 years traveling in Asia leaving from Tibet, China to countries like India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore gathering interviews, footage and material for this documentary, spending endless hours with filming, interviewing, investigation, research, editing, etc. He has done all those travels and work on his own and alone with his own money and savings spending thousands of dollars with no direct support from investors or grants.

You can help financially support this project by donating any amount to the campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-buddha-bowl-nourishment-for-the-wise#/