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Yogafriends: New Vegan Wellness Center in the Canary Islands

yoga woman

yoga woman

An increasing number of companies are now going vegan because humans in general are going vegan according to several statistics as reported by Vegan Society.

The annual reports from the Wellness Institute point to the rise in interest of wellness on multiple fronts, and when we converge the rising graphs of interest in wellness and veganism, we can see this future: A future where companies are focused on the wellbeing of both people and animals, and make this a high priority. The companies that are currently implementing wellness principles like work spaces, or companies that are based on wellness are thriving more and more, and especially vegan companies. Companies that provide organic food are thriving even more now.

Canary Islands is one of many places that are quickly becoming vegan destinations for wellness.
www.YogaFriends.eu is the first open vegan yoga and wellness center to make the shift among many new companies to come in Fuerteventura, one of the sunniest islands in Canary Islands.

People are becoming more and more conscious of various aspects of wellness, and this reflects in the market place and company values as well.

Many companies are shifting to serving vegan food now, and the companies that are thriving most are the early implementers of wellness factors, which essentially all contribute to how well the product or service makes people feel short, medium and long term.

What does it take for vegan companies to succeed today? Simply put, quality is the answer. Today, the companies that really focus on ideal quality are the ones that succeed. Simply being a vegan company is rapidly becoming standard, and as such companies have to focus on quality details, such as serving all organic food, get the food as fresh as possible by making deals with local organic farmers or better yet growing the food on-site, hire chefs who go for excellence. Other components related to increasing the overall feelings of guests are becoming more and more important.

The wellness industry is special in that it requires being genuine in order for companies to really succeed. A great wellness company will make guests feel the wellness quality of the company in very tangible and subtle ways. For example, eating a ripe, fresh, organic fruit might literally go from a taste experience of 5 to a taste experience of 9 or 10, compared to an unripe fruit. If the plants are grown in mineral rich soil they become even more tasty. Just like we can taste minerals in salt and it might taste good to us, so can we taste minerals in plants when they are more present. Also, as a fruit ripens the starches inside converts into sugars, and anti-enzymes are removed, enzymes become activated and nourishment rushes in to finalize the fruit before animals or humans can enjoy them.

There is a magic in wellness companies that focus on the overall wellbeing of its clients. You can feel it from the positive interactions internally among the people within the company, you can feel it in the perfect softness of the beds, the scents of flowers and plants growing on and around the property, the love in the food and sense of purpose and community in the venues. There are so many elements that all add up to the feeling of wellbeing.

Being a wellness company is becoming standard Ultimately, any company is a group of people providing a product or service that brings some forms of wellbeing for people. The more well we can make people feel, in natural and balanced ways, the better.

To make people feel as well as possible we often do not need special technological gadgets, although they have their place. Most often true wellness comes from studying and comprehending nature and implementing balance.

The question that guides the best wellness companies is:

Is this natural?

After working with multiple organic vegan hotels, vegan retreat centers and vegan restaurants I have come to see that there are certain things that successful vegan companies do regarding everything from marketing to quality, and the most important thing is the genuine joy of providing wellbeing to people in balanced natural ways.

Article by Simen Lie Founder www.blissimmersions.com