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V-Planet Introduces Plant-Based Dog Food to Pet Lovers in New Zealand

V-dog shih tzu

V-dog shih tzu

V-planet, a leading international dog food company committed to providing 100% vegan products, has announced that dog lovers in New Zealand can now buy their plant-based kibble through the online distributor Anything Vegan.

V-planet’s nutritionally complete and balanced vegan adult dog food is now available for New Zealand’s vegan pooch population in two sizes: regular for medium and large dogs and mini-bites for small dogs.

“New Zealand has enthusiastically embraced veganism in a way that few other countries have,” said Lindsay Rubin, vice president of v-planet. “It only makes sense that our friends there should have the option of including their canine companions in the lifestyle they’ve chosen.”

Veganism and vegetarianism are more popular in the Pacific island country than almost anywhere else in the world. Plant-based diets are growing so rapidly there that many distributors face difficulty meeting consumer demand for their products.

“A plant-based diet is a great choice for dogs,” Rubin said. “The plant-powered ingredients in v-planet’s products are healthy, nutritious and tasty, and they’re made without GMOs or corn, soy, wheat and gluten. It’s good for them, good for the planet and cruelty-free.”

Founded in 2018 as the international sister brand of v-dog, v-planet has found success in Canada, Australia, Singapore, Israel and Hong Kong. The company is working on a steady rollout to more countries around the world.

For more information about managing your dog’s diet and the benefits of plant-based food or international distribution opportunities, please visit https://v-dog.com.